Apr 17, 2022

Real Estate Investment Ideas- Plot or Apartment?

An investment trend that keeps rearing its head occasionally is the idea of buying land in plotted developments. While the majority of developers and buyers in urban areas keep their attention heavily focused on apartment projects, the concept of plotted developments offers something unique and hence it never really goes out of fashion, with developers constantly innovating to provide customers with something new to look forward to. So, what should you be looking at when it comes to your next real estate investment? Let’s take you through the pros and cons of investing in plots versus investing in apartments.

First off, both investment avenues can prove lucrative in the long run if you have taken care to ensure that you’re investing in a good project from a reputed developer that has been well-planned.  So, what are the differentiating factors?

1. Make it your own: It goes without saying that plotted developments offer a lot more in terms of customisation, where you can decide exactly what kind of a house you would like to build for yourself. Apartments do offer some of this, but you’ll be limited in terms of sizes, layouts, Vaastu-compliances etc by what the developer has in mind when they begin the project. Many modern plotted developers also allow you the option of taking your pick from high-grade fittings and furnishings through their tie-ups with premium brands that provide these options at more reasonable rates.

2. Take your time with it: Another benefit of a plotted development is that you can decide when to construct something that fits your needs. Plotted developments are usually made available to the customer a lot sooner than an apartment project, which then allows you the freedom to build the house of your dreams according to your convenience. If you have the resources and the time to get started immediately, you can do so. If you feel like waiting a few years so you can do it exactly the way you envisioned, you can do that as well!

3. Value appreciation: In the long run, land appreciates better than apartments. The primary cause for this is that the availability of land is limited and its supply cannot be increased as per the needs and requirements of the market. As the plot of land ages, it does not depreciate in value, instead, the value of plots increases with time while it’s quite the opposite with apartments. As apartments become old, they require heavy maintenance and constant repairing, which in turn depreciates their value over time. Appreciation also depends on the locality, availability of amenities, security, infrastructure, connectivity and other extraneous factors.

4. A higher standard of living: Owning a plot of land is a symbol of luxury. A piece of land has no spatial constraints and any construction on it can be built to accommodate a large number of people, depending on the size of the family and its requirements. Hence, having an independent house can also improve one’s standard of living, while offering you more privacy.

5. No compromises: Any delay in the construction of an apartment project could result in deteriorating quality standards. In certain cases, developers are forced to cut corners due to extensive delays and cost overruns in other areas of the development. When you buy your own plot, you’re the master of all you survey. The only limitations on what your plot will eventually turn into will be the ones you place on yourself. Hence, if well thought out, you’ll need to make fewer compromises when it comes to plotted developments.

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