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New Dawn Row Villas

Open concept layout
Centrally located between Sarjapur and Hosur Road
18000 sq.ft Clubhouse
Private elevator in all villas

When does a house become home?

When do neighbours become friends and friends become family?

We believe it starts with a New Dawn.

A new concept of home, beyond four walls. An open-plan paradise that gives you your space, while leaving the door open to enhanced community living. Where your kids have the freedom to explore without leaving. Where minimal design meets maximum comfort.

Step into a new world, a flexible, modern living space that brings home the joys of living in nature, away from the bustle of the city but still close to everything your family needs.

We design for your convenience, we provide more than you expect. We build homes and we welcome you, into our family.



A timeline of all the advancements in the construction of the New Dawn Row Villas project

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At Your Convenience

Private elevators in each villa. A minimal, complication-free design thought that simplifies maintenance.

Each villa at New Dawn is future-ready, providing you with features that make living in, and getting around your house a hassle-free experience.

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No Reason to Leave

A fourth bedroom that converts into anything your heart desires. An 18000 sq.ft Clubhouse with all the amenities you expect, so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Spill-out balconies and split terraces to take in the views. Your personal garden space to take a break-in. 

Thoughtfully designed landscapes to enhance your social interactions while ensconced among nature.

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Fun for all

An elegantly designed streetscape, enhanced with evergreen foliage and comfortable seating areas, complements the park that functions as a social grove, perfect for large gatherings or a contemplative stroll through nature, as the climate-responsive landscape adapts to the seasons.

And don’t forget the Play Area for your kids, complete with slides and roundabouts, to keep them engaged while you keep an eye on them from the comfort of your home.

The World within your Reach

Find yourself, in the heart of it all.

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